ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

CryptoVpay helps you with end to end solutions in launching your very own Initial Coin Offering. If you are interested in Etherium based crowdfunding, then we can help you with the process. From technical to legal to even PR, we help you with raising the amount required by you through ICO.

Technology Development

Our smart team of developers will help you with website and mobile-application development for the ICO launch, creating smart contracts and tokens based on Etherium, writing down your whitepaper and even help you with content management.  We also have a good team of translator who can help you convert your website content and whitepaper in multiple languages.

Solution Development

If your project for which you plan to raise an ICO is related to software development, Infrastructure development in the field of fintech, agriculture, supply chain, healthcare or education; our expert team of developers can help you with your product development.

Legal solution

We will help you to setup your ICOs to only countries where ICOs are backed by its regulatory and we have expertise team for handling legal issues globally. We shall help you with drafting and/or review of legal documents: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Warranties and disclaimers, Risk factors description, Advisory Agreement, Lead Generation Agreements, Token Purchase Agreement.

Sales and Marketing Support

We shall help you with strong media and marketing support. From writing, editing and distribution of press releases and media alerts; to listing of your ICO with ICOlisting services, we ensure that we have got you all covered.

For pricing and other related queries, please reach out to us.